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How do I place one order ?

You can contact us via chat tool like skype, whatsApp, or you can send order enquiry by email, describe your size, fitting, color, surface cover, inner hose thickness and so on.

Is the garden hose drinking-water-safe?

Garden hose mainly uses at the garden, if you want to order drinking water hose, we recommend drinking water safe hose, it is made from UV-stabilized FDA and NSF grade polyurethane material. Combine that with our crush-proof, lead-free machined brass fittings, and ELEY hoses are 100% drinking-water-safe. Even the rubber gaskets are made from drinking-water safe material.

Is the garden hose kink-resistant?

Of course, It is the most kink-resistant available.

What lengths of garden hose are available?

offered in standard lengths from 25-feet up to 200-feet.

What type of fittings can be used with the garden hose?

We offer different country standard fitting to your hose, after long time useage, you can purchase a new fitting adapter from your local hardware store or home center

How much pressure and flow does the garden hose deliver?

We cannot provide accurate figures regarding the flow rate (GPM) and pressure (PSI) that you'll experience at the end of your garden water hose as several factors contribute to this calculation. These include the length of hose, size of plumbing feeding your faucet, incoming pressure of your city of well supply, as well as the inside diameter of your garden water hose and watering tools.

Can the hose be coiled onto a hose hanger, storage pot or onto the ground?

Yes.  it can manually coiled into a circle on the ground, or into a hose storage pot, or looped onto a wall-mounted hose hanger or rack.  The key is to make sure the hose is laid out straight, with no loops in it prior to pulling it in.

How strong and durable is the garden hose?

You'll be hard-pressed to find a more durable and tear-resistant water hose. Made from the same extreme-duty material as inline roller skate wheels, the superior properties of our polyurethane material provides excellent resistance to abrasions, cuts, punctures, and tears.

What about freezing temperatures and winter storage?

However, the water will need to be drained out of it prior to it being exposed to freezing temperatures, (32°F & 0°C). The quickest and most reliable method of draining your hose of water is the gravity-drain method.

①Make sure both ends of the hose are open. Unthread the female fitting from the spigot and any watering tools from the male end.

②Lay the hose out in a straight line, make sure there are no kinks or loops that could collapse down into a kink.

③Slowly start to pull the hose in (whether your coiling it into a circle on the ground, onto a hose hanger or on a reel). Make sure your hands are higher than the far end of the hose so that the water will flow downward and drain out the end of the hose. Go slowly, giving the water time to gravity drain out the hose.

How can I determine what length of hose I need?

Since the distance of an average person's step, walking at a normal pace is approximately three feet, a quick and simple method for calculating how much hose you need is to step off (count paces) from your faucet to the furthest distance you want the hose to reach and then multiply the total by three. This should give you a reasonable estimate of the length of hose you should purchase. For example, 30 paces x 3 feet = 90 feet. Therefore, a 100-foot length of hose would be an ideal fit for that particular location.

Does Union Booster offer custom-length garden hose?

Union Booster does offer custom-cut hose in certain lengths from 1-inches up to 200-feet up to your big quantity. We are sorry for small volume customed.  All the garden  hoses are ONLY made with one male and one female fitting.

Does the length of hose reduce how much water I can get out of the hose?

Yes, longer lengths of hose will reduce the amount of water delivered; however, you may not notice. Most residential systems will deliver 40 to 80 pounds-per-square-inch (PSI) pressure and 6 to 12 gallons-per-minute (GPM) to the faucet. Each foot of 5/8 inch water hose added to your faucet will reduce the volume by 0.01 GPM*. This will increase the amount of time to fill a bucket or pool.

  • 50 feet of 5/8-inch hose = 0.5 GPM less volume.

  • 100 feet of 5/8-inch hose = 1 GPM less volume.

  • 200 feet of 5/8-inch hose = 2 GPM less volume.

A sprinkler or other watering tool attached to the end of the hose will affect the volume (GPM) more than the length of hose. A normal impulse sprinkler that delivers 3 GPM at the end of a 10-foot hose will continue to deliver 3 GPM at the end of a 200-foot hose. However, for every foot of 5/8-inch hose between the faucet and sprinkler, the pressure will be reduced by 0.1 PSI. This will reduce how far the sprinkler can spray.

  • 50 feet of 5/8-inch hose = 5 PSI less pressure.

  • 100 feet of 5/8-inch hose = 10 PSI less pressure.

  • 200 feet of 5/8-inch hose = 20 PSI less pressure.