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25 Cool Garden Wooden Gates

From secret gardens to polished lawns, the concept of  garden wood gates, just thinking of them, can bring about a sense of calm. We imagine a pristine English garden or a bucolic field, a stone patio at sunset or a wandering tree-lined drive... You get the idea.

There's tons of inspiration to be found for cool garden wood gate designs you could try out in your own garden or backyard. From white painted picket fences to rustic natural wood and gates seeming to appear like magic from overgrown hedges... We've rounded up 10 swoon-worthy gates to inspire all your wildest landscaping dreams.

1. A White English Garden Gate



Pretty as a painting, isn't it? There's something so soothing about a traditional white picket fence, especially one surrounded by rose bushes and vines allowed to grow wild. This gate is surrounded by lush greenery and is doubly appealing thanks to the trellises overhead that will eventually be covered with flowers and vines.


2. A Rustic Wooden Criss-Cross Gate



This criss-cross gate is almost hauntingly beautiful, isn't it? The spidery trees that line the dirt road add a storybook look to this property, and we can only imagine that it must look cheerful and inviting during the spring and summer months. We love that this gate doesn't obscure any of the bucolic scenery, and truly feels rustic and hand-crafted.


3. A Wooden Door Through A Stone Wall


This modern and stunning wood gate  is more of a door, but we're not ones to split hairs. We love the contrast of the heavy wood and the rough stones—it creates a beautiful passageway leading in and out of an idyllic outdoor setting.


4. A Hidden Garden Gate in an Overgrown Hedge



 We love how it seems to have appeared out of nowhere in this overgrown and extremely high hedge. The Parker is a popular hotel in the Palm Springs area because of design details like this that make you feel like you're a world away from the hustle and bustle.


5. An Chinese-Inspired Pergola-Style Gate



We love seeing how design influences from around the world can be translated and intermingled with other types of architecture and of course, Unionbooster’s experts are familiar with local flora and individual gardening tastes. This wood gate with a pergola reminds us of some of the ancient and historic architecture of China , which inspire a calming, zen vibe in your outdoor space. 


6. A Statement-Making Oversized Wooden Gate



Certainly not subtle, these oversized wood gates serve as much as a piece of art as they do a divider or entrance. We love the bold, statement-making size and grandeur of these gate pieces. Just keep in mind that you need to have a large enough property (like a farm) to properly support such an eye-catching architectural element.


7. A Large Farm Gate Overlooking a Field


Few things are more pastoral and picture-perfect than a well-worn wooden gate flanked by wild trees and rolling fields and hills. If you're lucky enough to live on an expansive amount of property or a farm, you might have one of these gates dividing fields and crops, or the wild land from your maintained lawn and gardens. We like how big gates like this are as practical as they are visually appealing.


8. A Rustic Wood Gate in a Stone Wall


It almost feels like you could begin writing a fairytale with a description of this gate. We love how rustic and worn it is, and how the surrounding scenery is wild and mysterious. This wood gate is surrounded by a stone fence that looks like it could have been there for 100 years, only adding to its charm and appeal.


9. A Sturdy Wood Gate in a Lush Hedge



Wooden gates nestled in large, looming hedges always make us think of The Secret Garden. A gate like this can't help but inspire wonder and curiosity from anyone who passes by. This is a design element that makes a garden or outdoor space feel truly magical and special, no matter what lies on the other side.


10.Embracing Deep Wood Tones


Venture into the mesmerizing realm of wooden gate ideas, where the dark wood treatment stands as a timeless testament to elegance and mystery. Each gate exudes an aura of sophistication, beckoning visitors with its deep hues and rich textures


11.Contemporary Slatted Elegance



Step into the world of innovative wooden gate ideas, where the modern slatted gate takes the spotlight. Crafted with different-sized panels, this design masterpiece serves not only as an entry but also as a captivating privacy screen.


 12.Graceful Archways in Woodwork


Embark on a journey through the poetic world of wooden gate ideas, where the arched wooden gate reigns with timeless beauty.Evoking memories of grand entrances to old manors and secret gardens, its curved silhouette gracefully rises, beckoning one to explore what lies beyond. The gentle arc, an emblem of architectural grace, transforms a simple entryway into a symbol of elegance and grandeur.


13.Fusion of Wood and Iron Elements



Step into the realm of ingenious wooden gate ideas where the timeless fusion of wood and iron gate designs captivates the senses. This compelling blend bridges the gap between rustic charm and enduring strength.


14.Sheltered Privacy


Dive deep into the world of wooden gate wonders where the enclosed wooden gate stands as a sentinel of privacy and elegance. This design, while firmly rooted in its purpose to shield and protect, does not shy away from showcasing the grandeur of wood in all its splendor.


15.Seamless Mobility



Step into a realm where the harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics greet you right at the entrance. The rolling wooden gate, a masterpiece of design, invites you into a world where driveways aren’t just pathways but grand entrances.


16.Innovative Upcycling


Awaken your creative spirit and venture into a sideyard that has been magically transformed. The wooden pallet modern fence gate stands as a testament to ingenuity, offering both style and functionality.

17.Intricate Luxury Craftsmanship



Step beyond the ordinary and immerse yourself in a realm of opulence with the luxury wood gate. This isn’t just any gate; it’s an ode to sophistication, treated with a refined matte finish that softly whispers elegance.


18.Serene Inspiration from Asian Design



Immerse yourself in the world of wooden gate ideas, where the ethereal charm of the Asian accent screen becomes the focal point. Infused with the age-old elegance of the East, this gate serves not just as a barrier but as an art piece, narrating tales of ancient traditions and serene landscapes. Its intricate design patterns evoke whispers of Zen gardens and tranquil temples.

19.Nature’s Texture



This gate, with its sleek, linear design, captures the essence of contemporary aesthetics. Each strip, meticulously placed, creates an entrancing rhythm, merging simplicity with sophistication.


20.Openness and Charm



Journey through the imaginative realm of wooden gate ideas and discover the intricate beauty of the lattice fence gate. This gate, with its interwoven design, melds functionality with artistry. Each crisscross pattern captures the dance of shadows and light, crafting a mesmerizing visual display.


21.Wrought Iron Embellishments


Step into the world of enchanting wooden gate ideas where wrought iron accents gracefully steal the show. These majestic iron embellishments seamlessly intertwine with the natural warmth of wood, creating entrances that speak volumes of artistry and timeless elegance.

22.Softened Elegance


Delve deep into the realm of wooden gate ideas and discover the understated elegance of the white-washed wooden gate. A touch of modernity meets rustic charm as the whitewash softly highlights the intricate grains of the wood.

23.Metallic Border Accents



Embark on a voyage through innovative wooden gate ideas and encounter the striking presence of wooden gates adorned with metallic borders. These gleaming boundaries not only provide an added layer of strength but also elevate the aesthetic appeal to new heights.

24.Industrial Flair



Step into the captivating realm of wooden gate ideas where the strength of metal gate designs converges with the warmth of wood. Picture a masterful fusion, where square metal tubes, robust and sleek, frame the natural grains and tones of timber.


25.Captivating Imitation



Venture into the imaginative world of wooden gate ideas, where innovation meets tradition. Introducing the vinyl faux wooden gate – a perfect blend of modern durability with classic wooden aesthetics. This masterpiece is crafted for those who adore the timeless look of wood but desire a low-maintenance and lasting solution.

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