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Cold-Weather Hoses

Cold-Weather Hoses

This heavy-duty garden hose is designed to withstand the harshest conditions. Even at freezing temperatures, it maintains its shape, strength, and flexibility. This means it won’t crack or become brittle in cold weather, ensuring its longevity and performance. Its robust construction allows it to resist kinks and tangles, while its flexibility makes it easy to maneuver around your garden or yard. This combination of strength and flexibility makes it an ideal tool for a variety of outdoor tasks, regardless of the weather conditions.

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Features of Cold-Weather Hoses

  • Cold-Weather Resistant: The Cold-Weather Hose 25 FT is made from an innovative rubber material that effectively prevents the invasion of low-temperature air. This ensures that the hose remains intact even after a whole cold winter, making it suitable for use in freezing temperatures. You can confidently use this hose in cold weather without worrying about it cracking or becoming damaged.

  • Durable Brass Fittings: This hose is equipped with 100% brass fittings, which are corrosion resistant and more durable compared to other materials. The brass fittings ensure a secure and leak-free connection, providing long-lasting performance. You can rely on these fittings to withstand the elements and maintain their functionality even in harsh weather conditions.

  • Three-Layer Reinforced Rubber: The Cold-Weather Hose 25 FT features a three-layer reinforced rubber construction. This design provides the hose with extremely high toughness, allowing it to easily bypass trees, stones, and walls without getting punctured or damaged. You no longer need to worry about sharp objects piercing the water pipe, ensuring a reliable and durable hose for your watering needs.

  • Zero-Memory Flexible Material: The hose is made from a special zero-memory flexible material. This means that it is easy to uncoil and does not retain its coiled shape, making it convenient to use and store. You can easily maneuver the hose around your garden or yard without it getting tangled or kinked. The flexibility of the material ensures hassle-free operation and enhances the overall user experience.

  • Versatile and Easy to Use: The Cold-Weather Hose 25 FT is versatile and easy to use. It can be used for various outdoor tasks such as watering plants, washing vehicles, or cleaning outdoor surfaces. The hose is designed to be lightweight and maneuverable, allowing for easy handling and storage. Its durability and resistance to cold weather make it a reliable choice for year-round use in any climate.

Specification of Cold-Weather Hoses

lowest temperaturemax temperaturepressureburst pressure
-50 ℉190 ° F  Work200 PSI600 PSI

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Need A One-Stop Garden Hose Solution?
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