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Freeze Proof Faucets

Freeze Proof Faucets

This device is designed to efficiently transfer water from your indoor water supply to your outdoor garden hose. This is particularly useful for watering gardens, lawns, or for any outdoor cleaning tasks. It provides a seamless connection between your indoor water source and outdoor hose, ensuring a steady and reliable water flow. This makes it easier to maintain your outdoor spaces, whether you’re nurturing plants or washing your car. Its simple yet effective functionality makes it an essential tool for any homeowner who values convenience and efficiency in their outdoor maintenance tasks.

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Features of Freeze Proof Faucets

  • Residential Irrigation: This product is specifically designed for residential irrigation purposes. It is ideal for watering lawns, gardens, and other outdoor spaces, providing a consistent and reliable water supply to ensure healthy plant growth and maintain the beauty of your outdoor areas.

  • Anti-Siphon Design: The anti-siphon design is a key feature of this product. This design prevents water from flowing back into the water supply, protecting it from potential contamination. This ensures the safety and cleanliness of your water, making it a reliable and secure choice for your irrigation needs.

Specification of Freeze Proof Faucets

Cold working pressure
125 psi

Need A One-Stop Garden Hose Solution?
Need A One-Stop Garden Hose Solution?
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