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Crow Bar

Crow Bar

This tool features sharpened chisel and pointed ends, specifically designed for loosening soils in deep holes or trenches. It’s also ideal for levering heavy items around the home, garden, farm, or building sites. The sharp chisel end cuts through hard soil with ease, while the pointed end is perfect for breaking up compacted earth. This makes it an invaluable tool for a variety of tasks, from gardening and farming to construction and home improvement projects. Its robust design ensures it can handle heavy-duty work, making it a reliable and versatile addition to any toolkit.

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Features of Crow Bar

  • Ends forged from high carbon steel.

  • Depth markers for quick gauging of post hole depth.

Specification of Crow Bar

high carbon steel

Need A One-Stop Garden Hose Solution?
Need A One-Stop Garden Hose Solution?
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