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Soaker Hose 25 FT

Soaker Hose 25 FT

This hose boasts a heavy-duty double layer design that combines a PVC liner with an extra strength fabric cover. The PVC liner ensures a steady, uninterrupted water flow, while the fabric cover provides additional protection against wear and tear. This design not only enhances the durability of the hose but also prevents it from kinking or tangling. The fabric cover also gives the hose a pleasant, tactile feel, making it comfortable to use for extended periods. This combination of a PVC liner and a fabric cover makes the hose a robust, reliable, and user-friendly tool for all your watering needs.

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Features of Soaker Hose 25 FT

  • The soaker hose adopts a flat double-layer design, the inner layer is a flexible and kink-free flat hose

  • Conserves 70% water by getting water directly to root and avoiding evaporation.

Specification of Soaker Hose 25 FT

flow speedworking pressure
3 gallons/minute50 psi

Need A One-Stop Garden Hose Solution?
Need A One-Stop Garden Hose Solution?
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