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Sprinkler Hose 150 FT

Sprinkler Hose 150 FT

This handy hose is not only efficient but also built to last, making it a reliable tool for all your watering needs. Its robust construction from high-quality materials ensures it can withstand regular use and various weather conditions, promising longevity and consistent performance. The hose’s efficiency is evident in its wide spray pattern and adjustable length, allowing it to cater to different garden sizes and watering tasks. Whether you’re sprinkling flower beds, soaking vegetable patches, or maintaining lawns, this hose delivers efficient watering and durability, making it a valuable addition to your gardening tools.

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Features of Sprinkler Hose 150 FT

  • It provides an average 40" wide spray pattern and a removable cap if you need to add more length.

Specification of Sprinkler Hose 150 FT

burst pressure
300 PSI

Need A One-Stop Garden Hose Solution?
Need A One-Stop Garden Hose Solution?
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