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Woven Laminate Bag 100 Litre

Woven Laminate Bag 100 Litre

This product is manufactured from a durable green woven fabric, designed to withstand heavy use and resist wear and tear. The fabric's green color gives it a natural look that blends well with outdoor environments. One of its key features is the inclusion of punched drainage holes. These holes allow excess water to escape, preventing waterlogging and promoting the health of any stored plant materials. Whether you're using it for gardening, landscaping, or other outdoor tasks, this bag offers a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution.

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Features of Woven Laminate Bag 100 Litre

  • Easy Filling: The bag features a sewn-in base, which provides stability and structure, making it easier to fill. This design allows the bag to stand upright during the filling process, reducing spillage and waste.

  • Convenience: The sewn-in base not only simplifies the filling process but also makes the bag more manageable when moving or storing. This thoughtful design detail enhances the overall user experience.

Specification of Woven Laminate Bag 100 Litre

UV Stabilised fabric530Ø x 460

Need A One-Stop Garden Hose Solution?
Need A One-Stop Garden Hose Solution?
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